about Maroon Raccoon




Science and art - often asundered by their disparate ways to interprete the world - though are united in their desperate striving to grasp it with all its shapes and colors"





After several years of intensive work in natural research, I realized that the strict scientific work alone cannot satisfy me any longer. It remains fascinating and exciting to contribute to a better understanding of our world and all the creatures therein by just following the course determined by my own curiosity. However, the scientific perspective on the things often remains quite prosaic. Nature is reduced to a series of numbers and thus appears monochromatic and cold. This might be helpful or even necessary to express nature in formulas and rules of certain general validity, but it fails to reflect the unique and individual relation that connects each human being with its environment.




Once started with scientific and realistic drawings, I continuously developed a new, more personal perspective on the world that includes more than complicated networks of computable relationships and rules. Exploring my own, liberated way to perceive the environment and what this is causing inside of me became an important motivation for my creative work, no matter what motif or material I am working with.




Through this site, I want to share my work and my experiences with other people. I hope you’ll like what you will find while browsing through Maroon Raccoon and would be happy to chat with you if you’re interested to get more information on my work or just want to philosophize about art and what it means to us.